Raney Planning and Management, Inc. is a highly experienced, professional services firm

providing public and private sector clients with a variety of environmental, planning and residential development services. Since its establishment in 1999, Raney Planning & Management, Inc. has become one of the most trusted, experienced, and highly regarded small business advisory and document production firms in California.

Services Provided

Housing Regulation

Laurin Associates, a division of Raney Planning & Management, Inc., has the unique ability to guide residential development projects from beginning to end: preparing the necessary market studies; providing relocation plans and services; and providing prevailing wage monitoring/labor compliance services. 

Environmental Services

Raney, a division of Raney Planning & Management, Inc., specializes in the preparation of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents for private and public clients throughout Northern California.  Projects may range from CEQA Exemptions or NEPA Exclusions to Environmental Impact Reports or Environmental Impact Statements, depending upon the key environmental issues and funding sources associated with the proposed project. 

Air Quality Regulation Planning

Raney’s air quality team’s expertise ranges from preparing stand-alone air quality & greenhouse gas technical reports to preparing air quality mitigation and greenhouse gas reduction plans, as well as Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) for public and private clients. In addition, Raney’s air quality team is currently in the process of preparing Climate Action Plans for multiple public jurisdictions throughout Northern  California. 

Land Use Policy Planning

Raney’s extensive planning experience provides Raney the tools to prepare determinations of development application completeness, review projects for consistency with general plans, specific plans, and zoning codes; manage architectural peer reviews; process complex entitlements; route applications; coordinate with applicable internal departments and outside agencies; and ghost writing staff reports. In addition, Raney has experience preparing larger policy documents, including updates to General Plans; Design Guidelines; and Zoning Ordinances.

Raney Planning & Management

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