Land Use Consulting Services Project Experience

Project Experience

Land Use Consulting Services

Galt Zoning Ordinance Update

Raney worked with City staff to form an Ad-Hoc Committee and conduct public workshops to solicit the public's input on the preparation of the City's Development Code Update.

Wheatland Community Vision

Raney assisted Wheatland City Council in establishing a long-term vision for future long-term development of the City of Wheatland, including public facilitation and drafting the Wheatland Community Vision document. 

Wheatland Bikeway Master Plan

In addition to assisting the City in securing SACOG grant funding to prepare the Bikeway Master Plan and associated CEQA analysis, Raney conducted public outreach through the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee to receive input and direction on the development of the policy document.

Rocketship Elementary School Planning Services

Raney assisted City staff with application review, preparation of Letters of Completeness/Incompleteness, agency coordination, and tribal consultation pursuant to AB 52, as well as prepared the staff reports and presented the project at the Planning Commission and City Council hearings.

Eastview Specific Plan Annexation Planning Services

Raney assisted City staff with application routing, agency coordination, public outreach, preparation of staff reports, project management, and review of the Specific Plan. as well as assisted the City with negotiation of the Development Agreement for the project.

Wendy’s Remodel Design Review

Raney managed the Architectural Peer Review and prepared the Conditions of Approval for the Wendy's Remodel Design Review project on behalf of the City of Antioch.

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