Stand-alone Air Quality Projects Experience

Project Experience

Stand-alone Air Quality Projects

Eastview Specific Plan AQ/GHG Analysis

Raney prepared an AQ/GHG Analysis for the Eastview Specific Plan, a 337- acre mixed residential development with a combination of residential uses, parks, open space, schools, commercial and public facilities, and associated infrastructure development.

Vineyards at Sandcreek AQ/GHG Analysis

The Vineyards project was located in the Sandcreek Focus Area of southern Antioch. The project consisted of a 650-unit residential development, parks, and associated infrastructure on approximately 130 acres. Raney’s air quality team prepared an air quality impact and greenhouse emissions analysis to incorporate into an Environmental Impact Report.

NewBridge Specific Plan AQ Mitigation Plan & GHG Reduction Plan

The NewBridge Specific Plan Project is located in Sacramento County consisted of a comprehensive land use and regulatory framework to guide development within the approximately 1,095-acre site. At buildout, the proposed project would provide approximately 3,075 dwelling units, accommodate approximately 8,118 residents, add approximately 500,000 square feet of retail, office, and mixed-use space, and provide approximately 2,530 permanent jobs. The applicant for the project requested Raney prepare an Air Quality Mitigation Plan (AQMP) and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan (GHG RP). 

Auburn Creekside Shopping Center AQ/GHG Analysis

Raney prepared an AQ/GHG Analysis of the Auburn Creekside Shopping Center project, a 155,000 square-foot commercial shopping center complex in downtown Auburn. 

Roseville LifeTime Fitness AQ/GHG Analysis

The proposed project consists of the construction of a new two-story fitness, family recreation, and resort/spa center in the City of Roseville. The center will include a 120,000-sf facility, 110,000-sf outdoor tennis area, a 58,500-sf pool deck/detached bistro, and a 12,000-sf child center area. The applicant LifeTime Real Estate & Development asked Raney to prepare an Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Analysis for the proposed project that met the requirements for incorporation into a CEQA document.

Arco/Starbucks AQ/GHG Analysis

Raney prepared a stand-along Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas technical study for an Arco AM/PM gas station and a Starbucks drive-thru store per the requirements of SMAQMD.

Fruitridge Industrial Warehouse AQ/GHG Analysis

Raney prepared an AQ/GHG Analysis for the Fruitridge Industrial Warehouse project, a redeveloped 246,676-square foot structure which included infrastructure development of an underground storm drain piping, strom drain lift station, a detention basin, and widening of Fruitridge Road.

Galt Utility Master Plan AQ/GHG Analysis

Raney prepared an AQ/GHG Analysis and program-level mitigation measures for the Initial Study analyzing the City of Galt's Utilities Master Plan, which was prepared in anticipation of new demand associated with the service area increase of the 2030 General Plan Update.

Kenosha Industrial Development Diesel Particulate Emissions Health Risk Assessment

Raney prepared a Health Risk Assessment for diesel particulate emissions utilizing both California standards for diesel PM emissions and health risks and the State of Washington standards.

Blessed Extracts – Canabis Manufacturing, Testing, Research & Development AQ/GHG Analysis

Raney prepared an AQ/GHG Analysis for the Blesses Extract project, a 10,300 square-foot office, cannabis extraction, and manufacturing facility, which was integrated into the analysis of the long-term effects of the proposed cannabis extraction and manufacturing discussed in the IS/MND. 

Whispering Pines AQ/GHG Analysis

Raney prepared a stand-along Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas technical study in coordination with the El Dorado County Air Pollution Control District. 

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