The Raney Planning & Management Team

Tim Raney, AICP

Raney Planning & Management, President

As the President of Raney Planning & Management, Inc., Mr. Raney serves as the leader of the Raney team. Mr. Raney specializes in CEQA processing, planning, and public facilitation, bringing nearly thirty years of experience to each project. Mr. Raney currently serves as the Community Development Director to the City of Wheatland and, together with Raney staff, has been providing contract planning services to the City since 2004. In addition, Mr. Raney previously served as the Interim Community Development Director for the City of Oakley while the City was completing its General Plan Update.
Since establishing the firm in 1999, Mr. Raney has successfully processed more than 500 CEQA, NEPA, and planning projects, including Initial Studies, Environmental Impact Reports, Environmental Assessments, and special planning projects such as the APA Award-winning Community Vision for the City of Wheatland. Mr. Raney’s diverse experience includes unique and complex projects such as marinas, military base conversions, mining, and solar to large-scale specific plans, master plans, zoning code updates, and numerous private development projects for residential, commercial, mixed-use, industrial, and infrastructure/roadway.
Mr. Raney also has diverse experience in local government, including being Councilmember and Mayor of the City of Citrus Heights, Planner in the City of Sacramento’s Planning Department, and previously serving on the Board of the Sacramento Metro Chamber Metro PAC and the Sacramento Tree Foundation. Mr. Raney has been involved in local government issues with the League of California Cities, the Commission on Local Governance for the 21st Century, and the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce. This experience gives Mr. Raney a better understanding of the needs and requirements of local government. Mr. Raney has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Davis.

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Cindy Gnos, AICP

Raney Planning & Management, Senior Vice President

As Raney’s Senior Vice President, Ms. Gnos brings over thirty years of experience in environmental and municipal planning. Ms. Gnos has a broad understanding of local government goals and objectives having previously served as local government planning staff for the cities of Sacramento and Dixon. As Raney’s Senior Vice President, Ms. Gnos has managed over 500 environmental and planning projects, including Initial Studies, Environmental Impact Reports, Zoning Ordinances, and special planning projects. Ms. Gnos has managed the preparation of numerous environmental documents and has processed a wide variety of projects ranging from standard residential, commercial, mixed-use, and industrial projects to program-level annexations, large-scale specific plans, and general plan projects.

Ms. Gnos is a seasoned public speaker, having made hundreds of presentations before community groups, planning commissions, city councils, and boards of supervisors. With this combination of skills and knowledge, Ms. Gnos can create and implement effective strategies to complete a comprehensive environmental document and development review process.
Ms. Gnos will serve as the Project Director for the proposed project and will be responsible for overseeing preparation of the environmental document, as well as assisting Project Manager Nick Pappani, as needed. Ms. Gnos’ breadth of experience, as outlined above, allows her to serve as an effective leader throughout the planning and environmental process. Ms. Gnos has a Bachelor of Science degree in City and Regional Planning from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

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Nick Pappani

Raney Planning & Management, Vice President

Mr. Pappani brings over 17 years of environmental and planning experience to the Raney team. As Raney’s Vice President, Mr. Pappani has served as the Project Manager for over 500 CEQA and NEPA documents for jurisdictions throughout northern and southern California. Mr. Pappani has worked on a broad variety of projects, including residential, commercial/hotel, and industrial projects, as well as unique projects such as solar generating facilities and vineyard plans involving timberland conversion. As Raney’s Vice President, Mr. Pappani takes pride in serving various public sector clients and helping them navigate the complex milieu of CEQA legislation and related case law to ensure that each environmental document is legally defensible and reflects current CEQA practice.

Mr. Pappani has extensive experience coordinating between various agency departments regarding complex issues. Of particular noteworthiness is the Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Plan (EPEP) that Mr. Pappani wrote for the Plumpjack Squaw Valley Inn project to address the risk of wildland fire, the content of which was incorporated into the Hazards Chapter of the EIR. Mr.Pappani coordinated extensively between various agency departments including, but not limited to, CAL FIRE, Squaw Valley Fire Department, and the Squaw Valley Public Service District
throughout the preparation of the EPEP. The EPEP included several recommendations for the project’s design and operation to ensure that the risk of wildfire was adequately addressed.

In addition to being a CEQA practitioner, who is respected in his field, Mr. Pappani has a background in wildlife biology, having received a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology (cum laude) from Humboldt State University, Arcata, California. Prior to joining the Raney team, Mr. Pappani worked with a private consulting firm, as well as the federal government, conducting avian and vegetation surveys for Threatened species in a variety of habitats. Mr. Pappani is also an articulate speaker, having given hundreds of presentations before decision-makers and the public, including answering questions related to Raney’s environmental and planning documents.

Mr. Pappani is also comfortable and competent when it comes to working on controversial projects, subject to intense public scrutiny. For example, Mr. Pappani has served as the Project Manager for several EIRs in the City of Davis. Such situations require not only an expert-level understanding of the regulations of CEQA and recent case law, but also a diplomatic and objective approach to responding to public concerns and comments.

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Rod Stinson

Raney, Division Manager / Air Quality Specialist

Mr. Stinson brings over 14 years of environmental experience to the Raney team with a background in CEQA, air quality, and water resources. As Raney’s Division Manager, Mr. Stinson has served as the Project Manager in the preparation of over 300 environmental and planning projects, including CEQA Initial Studies and EIRs as well as NEPA Categorical Exclusions and Environmental Assessments. Mr. Stinson has managed projects ranging from complex mining, solar, and infill projects to large-scale specific plans and general plans as well as standard residential, affordable housing, mixed-use, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.

In addition, Mr. Stinson serves as Raney’s in-house Air Quality Specialist, with over ten years of experience in preparing air quality analyses for a variety of development projects. Over the past ten years, Mr. Stinson has completed over 200 air quality impact and greenhouse gas analyses, working closely with lead agencies and local air districts throughout northern and southern California. Mr. Stinson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry and Natural Resources Management with a concentration in Environmental Management from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

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Jayne Raab

Laurin Associates, Division Manager

As Division Manager, Ms. Raab oversees the staff of associates in the daily management of projects.  Ms. Raab has 20 years of affordable housing experience, including extensive experience preparing financing applications to state agencies, preparing pro formas and feasibility analyses, and coordinating private projects with public agency funding requirements.  From 1990 – 1997 Ms. Raab was the Development Manager at the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, working closely with the affordable housing community to ensure approval of developments that were feasible and that met the policy goals of CTCAC.  Since joining Laurin Associates, she oversees the preparation of market studies, prepares various housing and community development studies, and provides project oversight for HOME grant administration, residential relocation plans and implementation, and prevailing wage labor compliance monitoring. Ms. Raab serves on the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency Commission.

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Stefanie Williams

Laurin Associates, Assistant Division Manager

Ms. Williams is the project manager for all of Laurin Associates market feasibility studies, completing over 60 studies a year.  She is a certified market analyst’ through her participation in the National Council of Affordable Housing Market Analysts and has extensive experience with the specific requirements of the various funding agencies, including California Department of Housing and Community Development, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, California Debt Limit Allocation Committee, CalHFA, USDA, and HUD.  Additionally, Ms. Williams has substantial experience writing and administering CDBG grant applications, and preparing housing conditions studies and income surveys.

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