Laurin Associates

Housing Market Services

Laurin Associates was established in 1981 to provide pre-development feasibility analyses to for-profit and non-profit multi-family rental housing developers, cities, counties, housing agencies and financial institutions. In December 2002, Laurin Associates merged with Raney Planning & Management, Inc. to provide a broader menu of services to private and municipal clients.

In January, 2003, Laurin Associates merged with Raney Planning & Management, Inc. to form Laurin Associates as a Division of Raney Planning & Management, Inc. Laurin Associates was formed in 1981 to provide pre-development financial feasibility and policy analysis for cities, counties, and private development interest.

Complementing Raney’s services, Laurin Associates offers clients with affordable housing and community development services including market feasibility studies, residential relocation plans and administration, prevailing wage compliance monitoring, financing applications and grant administration. Laurin Associates is proud to have maintained the same key management staff over the years. Division Manager, Jayne Raab, has been with Laurin Associates for over eight years and Assistant Division Manager Stefanie Williams has been with Laurin Associates for more than seventeen years. Laurin’s success has been rooted in their long-lasting professional relationships with their clients.

Laurin Associates’ current specialties include:

  • Affordable & Market Rate Housing Market Studies;
  • Prevailing Wage and Labor Compliance Monitoring;
  • Residential Relocation Plans and Implementation; and
  • Financing Applications.
Additional services provided by Laurin Associates include:
  • Preliminary Demand and Rent Surveys;
  • Housing and Community Development Studies;
  • Grant Applications, Implementation and Administration;
  • HOME Project Administration; and
  • Annual Monitoring for HOME-Assisted Rental Projects.

Jayne Raab

Laurin Associates, Division Manager

Stefanie Williams

Laurin Associates, Assistant Division Manager

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