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Labor Compliance Monitoring

Public funding of a project often triggers federal Davis Bacon and/or State prevailing wage requirements. Since 2006, Laurin Associates has been assisting municipalities and developers with prevailing wage labor compliance monitoring for public, residential, and commercial projects.

Laurin Associates’ services include:

  • Preparation of language for bid documents and proper wage determination for all subcontractors;
  • Review of contractor licensing, debarment and bonding status;
  • Conducting a pre-construction conference with the general contractor and attending sub-contractors to provide them with instructions and requisite forms to comply with prevailing wage requirements;
  • Conducting monthly site visits and employee interviews,
  • Taking photos of construction progress and signage;
  • Preparing written progress summaries;
  • Reviewing weekly payroll reports to ensure proper wages are being paid, and;
  • Preparing a Final Report containing all requisite documentation collected throughout construction.

Jayne Raab

Laurin Associates, Division Manager

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