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Laurin Associates’ staff has worked with developers, housing agencies, and local governments to successfully complete numerous permanent and temporary residential relocations. Laurin Associates is knowledgeable of both State and Federal relocation requirements, and has worked within local relocation requirements when applicable. Laurin has prepared numerous relocation plans that have been approved by HUD, USDA, HCD, TCAC CDLAC, and local agencies.

Every relocation project has its own nuances, depending on the tenant population, extent and length of construction, project location, project financing, and whether it is temporary vs. permanent.  Laurin Associates has relocated households to renting situations (permanent and temporary, onsite and offsite), as well as to purchasing situations throughout California, Idaho, and Arizona. Additionally, Laurin Associates has worked with households whose primary language included Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Hmong, Mein, Laotian, and Cambodian.

Laurin Associates’ staff has also worked with social services agencies to successfully relocate adults with special needs from dilapidated units to decent, safe, and sanitary replacement homes. Laurin Associates’ goal is to facilitate relocation arrangements, with minimal hardships for the displaced households, while accommodating our client’s construction schedule.

Jayne Raab

Laurin Associates, Division Manager

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