The proposed Aspen 1 project includes a mixed use Planned Unit Development with a combination of multiple types of residential project and densities as well as a commercial center and commercial mixed use.

General Details

Integrated throughout the PUD are parks and greenways as well as an urban farm. A 30+ acre strip along South Watt Avenue is located within the unincorporated area of the County of Sacramento and requires reorganization (annexation and related detachments) into the City of Sacramento.  In order to develop the 232+ acre site, the necessary entitlements include a General Plan Amendment for the portion of the site to be annexed, a Pre-zoning for the portion of the site to be annexed, a Rezone to PUD and adoption of a Schematic Plan and PUD Guidelines, Large Lot Map, Tentative Subdivision Map with Subdivision Modifications, a Development Agreement, and an Inclusionary Housing Plan. Raney prepared the Draft EIR; addressing all CEQA topics, including traffic, air quality and climate change, hazards, flooding, and geology due to the former mining of the site, as well as the issues necessary for Sacramento County LAFCo to utilize the EIR as a Responsible Agency.

For Aspen-1 EIR, Raney included a separate Reorganization Chapter in the EIR to facilitate LAFCo’s use of the EIR for just a small portion of the proposed project. Because of the site’s history as a former mining site, Raney coordinated with the City Engineer to create mitigation measures to address the potential geological hazards associated with unstable soil conditions including expansive soils and subsidence that could potentially expose people to hazards. Raney coordinated with SMAQMD, City of Sacramento Engineer, and the Community Development Department to develop mitigation measures to address the impacts related to increases in health risks and increases in PM10 and PM2.5 emissions from diesel-exhaust during construction. Additionally, mitigation measures were created to address the impacts related to the loss of Swainson’s hawk and other raptor habitats due to on-site construction.  The environmental document was certified and the project was approved.