Newland Homes Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

The Curtis Park Village project included obtaining the appropriate entitlements for the infill development of approximately 250 single-family home sites, 310 multi-family housing units, approximately 50,000 square feet of first floor commercial uses with multi-family housing on upper floors, approximately 150,000 square feet of neighborhood-serving commercial uses, and five to six acres of park/open space.

General Details

The proposed Newland Homes project includes the subdivision of the northernmost 2.1 acres of the 5.5-acre site into nine single-family lots. Four of the nine total units would be constructed as duet units. The proposed project involved the construction of sidewalks along the perimeter of the site and the extension of Diana Avenue along the northeastern/eastern portions of the tentative map area. The extension of Diana Avenue along the eastern boundary of the tentative map area provides vehicular access to lots 5-9 and serves as a setback from US 101 for noise attenuation purposes. The project also included connections to existing water and sewer infrastructure in surrounding roads, as well as installation of on-site storm drain lines, which would collect and route storm water runoff to a proposed bio swale/rain tank along the eastern boundary of the project site.

Raney prepared the IS/MND, under contract with the City of Morgan Hill, which also considered the development of an additional 10 residential units on the southern 3.4-acre future development area, which increased the total development potential for the 5.5-acre site being evaluated in the IS/MND to 19 single-family residential units. Areas of greatest concern in the IS/MND included biological resources, hazards, and noise. The IS/MND was adopted and the project approved.