Fruitridge Industrial Warehouse AQ/GHG Analysis

Raney prepared an AQ/GHG Analysis for the Fruitridge Industrial Warehouse project, a redeveloped 246,676-square foot structure which included infrastructure development of an underground storm drain piping, strom drain lift station, a detention basin, and widening of Fruitridge Road.

General Details

The Fruitridge  Industrial Warehouse would include demolition of the existing 12,840-sf building and the construction of a new 246,676 sf, 39.5 ft high concrete, tilt-up warehouse building. Two depressed loading docks would be constructed on the east side of the proposed building and a retaining wall would be constructed along the western boundary of the project site. In addition, underground storm drain piping, a detention basin, and a storm drain lift station pump would be constructed. The project would include the widening of Fruitridge Road along the project site’s frontage and dedication of ROW. Raney, under contract with the applicant, prepared an air quality and greenhouse gas technical analysis for incorporation into an Initial Study being simultaneously prepared by Raney. The air quality and greenhouse gas technical analysis was prepared consistent with the requirements of the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD), the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and the City of Sacramento.