Galt Utility Master Plan AQ/GHG Analysis

Raney prepared an AQ/GHG Analysis and program-level mitigation measures for the Initial Study analyzing the City of Galt's Utilities Master Plan, which was prepared in anticipation of new demand associated with the service area increase of the 2030 General Plan Update.

General Details

Raney, under contract with the City of Galt, prepared an Initial Study for the City’s Utilities Master Plan, comprised of a Wastewater Collection System Master Plan, Water Distribution System Master Plan, and Storm Drainage System Master Plan.  The City prepared and adopted the Utilities Master Plan in order to meet the anticipated new demand associated with the 2030 General Plan update. According to the General Plan, the service area will increase from approximately 3,763 acres to approximately 8,817 acres at full build-out of the General Plan boundaries.  Raney’s air quality team prepared an air quality impact and greenhouse emissions analysis for incorporation into the Initial Study, as well as provide program-level mitigation measures for the proposed project. The air quality and greenhouse gas technical analysis was prepared consistent with the requirements of the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD), the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and the City of Galt.