The Galt Walmart EIR project is another project that faced a great deal of public scrutiny, thus requiring extensive public facilitation on behalf of and in coordination with the City.

General Details

The project included the development of 11.26 acres of vacant land zoned Highway Commercial (HC) into a retail building and consisted of one (1) 132,295-square-foot building. Consistent with the City’s Big Box Ordinance, a Conditional Use Permit was required for approval. Because the proposed tenant is a Walmart, the EIR was prepared to address the basic CEQA issues as well as impacts related to urban decay. Given the proximity to residential uses, noise was an additional concern.

Raney prepared the Draft EIR and Final EIR as well as responded to numerous comments received at the public hearings. The EIR was certified and the project approved, however, a lawsuit was subsequently filed. The judge rejected many of the petitioner’s claims with one exception; the judge required additional information and analysis related to forklift back-up beeper noise.

Raney subsequently conducted additional analysis and a revised noise chapter was prepared. The City Council has since re-certified the EIR.