Johnson Rancho EIR and Planning Services

The proposed Johnson Rancho EIR project was primarily composed of three separate properties – the Johnson Rancho property, the Bear River Hop Farm property, and the Dave Browne property. Requested entitlements included annexation, General Plan amendment, and pre-zone.

General Details

The proposed project includes the development of up to approximately 13,141 residential lots, varying from Very Low Density Residential to High Density Residential, on approximately 4,069 acres located within Yuba County.  In addition, development of the project includes other land uses, such as Employment / Office, Commercial, Civic Center, Elementary and Middle Schools, Parks and Open Space, and a potential hospital.

During the course of the project, Raney served as both the environmental consultant and planning consultant for the City of Wheatland.  As the planning consultant, Raney worked with the project applicant to design preliminary standards and guidelines for future on-site development, as well as assisting with the annexation process.  As the environmental consultant, Raney ensured all CEQA related issues were resolved and thoroughly evaluated.  The Johnson Rancho project had significant historical and biological resources on the site, which required Raney to provide comprehensive and intricate analyses to mitigate CEQA issues that could potentially arise.  Additionally, given the project’s close proximity to Beale Air Force Base, the EIR included analysis of the proposed project’s compatibility with the Beale Air Force Base Land Use Compatibility Plan.


The EIR also included components necessary for Yuba County LAFCo action as a responsible agency.  Raney prepared the Draft and Final EIRs, the staff reports for the Planning Commission and City Council, and negotiated a Development Agreement on behalf of the City.  The EIR has since been certified and the project approved.  Upon certification, Raney additionally prepared the application to LAFCo, including the Plan for Services, on behalf of the City, and negotiated a Master Tax Sharing Agreement with Yuba County to facilitate the LAFCo review.  Both the Tax Sharing Agreement and LAFCo annexation have been approved.