Mace Ranch Innovation Center EIR

The Mace Ranch Innovation Center project consists of the proposed development of 2,654,000 square feet of research/office/R&D uses on a 212-acre agricultural site within unincorporated Yolo County, adjacent to the City of Davis city limits. The applicant is seeking to develop the project within the City of Davis; therefore, the project site would need to be annexed to the City.

General Details

The applicant is seeking approval of the following entitlements from the City of Davis: Annexation, General Plan Amendment, prezone, preliminary planned development, site plan and architectural review, and development agreement. If the project is approved by Davis City Council, the project would then go to the voters for ultimate approval, pursuant to the City’s Measure R process.

If approved by the voters, the applicant will seek Yolo County LAFCO’s approval of a Sphere of Influence (SOI) amendment, to include the project site within the City’s SOI, and subsequently annexation of the project site to the City of Davis. Raney prepared a comprehensive Draft EIR for the proposed Mace Ranch Innovation Center project, which has been released to the public for review and comment. The Draft EIR includes all analyses required by CEQA, an equal-weight analysis of a mixed-use alternative, two equal-weight cumulative scenarios, as well as a full urban decay analysis.

All environmental topics within Appendix G of the CEQA Guidelines have been evaluated within the Draft EIR, in addition to Appendix F of the CEQA Guidelines, concerning energy impacts.  Due to the size and complexity of the project and Draft EIR, the public comment period was 90 days.  Raney has prepared the Final EIR, including responses to the extensive comments received.  The project has since been placed on hold by the project applicants.