Public funding of a project often triggers federal Davis Bacon and/or State prevailing wage requirements. Since 2006, Laurin Associates has been assisting municipalities and developers with prevailing wage labor compliance monitoring for public, residential, and commercial projects.

As the Contract Administrator, Laurin Associates is responsible for the proper administration and enforcement of the State and/or Federal labor standards provisions on contracts covered by State and/or Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements.  Laurin Associates works to ensure that the Client, the principal contractor and all sub-contractors remain in compliance with all applicable State and Federal Labor Compliance laws and regulations. 


  • Project setup to include obtaining appropriate wage rates for each worker classification, and review of contractor licensing, debarment and bonding status.
  • Conducting a pre-construction conference with the general contractor and attending sub-contractors to provide them with instructions and requisite forms to comply with prevailing wage requirements.
  • Conducting monthly site visits and employee interviews.
  • Taking photos of construction progress and signage.
  • Preparing written progress summaries.
  • Reviewing weekly payroll reports to ensure proper wages are being paid.
  • Preparing a Final Report containing all requisite documentation collected throughout construction.

Jayne Raab - Laurin Associates, Division Manager


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