Laurin Associates has worked with developers, housing agencies, and local governments to successfully complete numerous permanent and temporary residential relocations. Laurin Associates is knowledgeable of both State and Federal relocation requirements, and has worked within local relocation requirements when applicable. Laurin Associates has prepared numerous relocation plans that have been approved by TCAC, CDLAC, HCD, HUD, USDA, and local agencies.

Every relocation project has its own nuances, depending on the tenant population, extent and length of construction, project location, project financing, and whether it is temporary vs. permanent.  Laurin Associates has relocated households to renting situations (permanent and temporary, onsite and offsite), as well as to home ownership opportunities throughout California, Idaho, and Arizona.

Laurin Associates works closely with the project sponsor, tenants, management, construction and moving company to implement the relocation plan.  Laurin Associates’ goal is to facilitate and coordinate every relocation, with minimal hardships for the displaced households, while accommodating our client’s construction schedule.


  • Facilitation of a Kick-Off meeting with the project applicant to discuss the relocation process, timeline, and to gather all pertinent information/documentation, including financing sources, current rent role, extent of renovations, construction timeline, and the need for permanent vs. temporary relocation.
  • Preparation of a relocation plan prior to the relocation of any households that complies with all applicable Federal, State, and local regulations.
  • Preparation and issuance of all necessary noticing required by the Uniform Relocation Act for projects utilizing Federal financing and all necessary noticing required by State regulations for projects utilizing State and local funding.
  • Preparation and issuance of a Notice of Non-Displacement for temporary relocations or Notice of Eligibility/90-Day Notice for Permanent Relocations.
  • Conducting tenant meetings and interviews, if requested, to provide information regarding the relocation process, timing, and tenant rights.
  • During Permanent Relocation Projects:
    • Preparation of an extensive resource survey to determine the availability of replacement housing units for permanent relocation projects;
    • Facilitation of the relocation of all households qualifying for relocation benefits to comparable, decent, safe, and sanitary replacement housing units; and
    • Provision of advisory services throughout the relocation to inform each household of all applicable local, State and Federal regulations, assist in the process of finding replacement housing, facilitate claims processing, and maintain a communication link with the client and local service providers.
  • During Temporary Relocation Projects:
    • Facilitation and coordination of the temporary on- and off-site moves with the property management, construction team, and moving company;
    • Coordination of the use of on- or off-site storage of each households’ items, if necessary; and
    • Coordinate meal stipend checks and signature pages with management for residents required to temporarily relocate to a hotel.
  • Maintaining detailed records of the relocation process to ensure all records meet the requirement of State and/or Federal regulations.

Jayne Raab - Laurin Associates, Division Manager


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