Mr. Pappani brings over 17 years of environmental and planning experience to the Raney team. As Raney’s Vice President, Mr. Pappani has served as the Project Manager for over 500 CEQA and NEPA documents for jurisdictions throughout northern and southern California. Mr. Pappani has worked on a broad variety of projects, including residential, commercial/hotel, and industrial projects, as well as unique projects such as solar generating facilities and vineyard plans involving timberland conversion. As Raney’s Vice President, Mr. Pappani takes pride in serving various public sector clients and helping them navigate the complex milieu of CEQA legislation and related case law to ensure that each environmental document is legally defensible and reflects current CEQA practice.

In addition to being a CEQA practitioner, who is respected in his field, Mr. Pappani has a background in wildlife biology, having received a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology (cum laude) from Humboldt State University, Arcata, California. Prior to joining the Raney team, Mr. Pappani worked with a private consulting firm, as well as the federal government, conducting avian and vegetation surveys for Threatened species in a variety of habitats. Mr. Pappani is also an articulate speaker, having given hundreds of presentations before decision-makers and the public, including answering questions related to Raney’s environmental and planning documents. Mr. Pappani is also comfortable and competent when it comes to working on controversial projects, subject to intense public scrutiny. Such situations require not only an expert-level understanding of the regulations of CEQA and recent case law, but also a diplomatic and objective approach to responding to public concerns and comments.

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