Eastview Specific Plan AQ/GHG Analysis – City of Galt 

The Eastview Specific Plan project consists of a mixed residential development, including parks, open space, schools, minor commercial and public facilities, and associated infrastructure on approximately 337 acres.  Requested entitlements included Annexation, Pre-zoning, General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan Approval, Vesting Tentative Map(s), and creation of a Mello-Roos or other special financing district.  Raney, under contract with the City of Galt, prepared an EIR to address the potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed project and provide associated planning services.  Potential environmental impacts analyzed in the EIR include aesthetics, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, biological resources, cultural resources, geology and soils, hydrology and water quality, land use and planning, agricultural and forestry resources, noise, population and housing, public services and utilities, and transportation and circulation. Raney needed to analyze possible hazard issues from the project site’s history of being used as agriculture land with possible soil contamination. The Specific Plan and Annexation area included both participating and non-participating properties. The EIR addressed the non-participating properties at a program-level while a project-level analysis was prepared for the Liberty Ranch portion of the project. The EIR was further prepared to serve Sacramento County LAFCo at the time of processing the annexation.  Raney and staff had been in close coordination with LAFCo staff regarding the annexation boundaries, process and EIR.  In addition, Raney assisted City staff with application routing, agency coordination, public outreach, preparation of staff reports, and project management. Both the project has been approved and the EIR has been certified. It should be noted that Raney is currently under contract to prepare and process the annexation application for submittal to LAFCo.

Vineyards at Sand Creek – City of Antioch

The proposed project is located in the Sandcreek Focus Area of southern Antioch. The project consists of a 650-unit residential development, parks, and associated infrastructure on approximately 130 acres. Requested project entitlements included a General Plan Amendment from Business Park to Residential, Rezone from Study Zone to Planned Development District with a Master Development Plan, Development Agreement, Vesting Tentative Map, Use Permit, and Design Review. Raney was under contract with the City to provide planning assistance in the review and processing of the project application. In addition, Raney was under contract with the City to prepare an EIR for the project. The EIR addressed all CEQA sections, including Aesthetics, Agricultural Resources, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Biological Resources, Cultural Resources, Geology and Soils, Hazards and Hazardous Materials, Hydrology and Water Quality, Land Use and Planning/ Population and Housing, Mineral Resources, Noise, Public Services and Utilities / Recreation, and Transportation and Circulation. Of particular note is how the proposed project interfaced and potentially impacted Sand Creek. In addition, the project required major roadway and infrastructure improvements that required coordination on timing of improvements with each phase of the project. Raney prepared and presented the Planning Commission and City Council staff reports, as well as assisted with preparation of the necessary ordinances and resolution. The EIR has been certified and the project approved.

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