Blessed Extracts AQ/GHG Analysis – City of Davis  

The applicant is seeking to initially operate an approximately 4,800-sf office, cannabis extraction and manufacturing facility and laboratory within an existing building with plans to expand to approximately 10,300 s.f. within one to two years, or to sublet the additional space to another manufacturer or manufacturers. The laboratory plans to extract cannabis chemicals using both butane and CO2 extraction. The facility will require fume hoods for exhaust, lab benches, bio-matter disposal and chemical storage, as well as a Class 1, Division 1, ignition/spark proof extraction area for butane extraction. In addition, the facility will require shipping and receiving access. The project requires the approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) due to the amount of hazardous material to be stored on-site. Blessed Extracts will provide volatile substance identification and quantities to Raney, and anticipates utilizing the maximum allowed per fire control area. Raney has provided two different approaches for the purposes of providing CEQA compliance for the Blessed Extracts Manufacturing Facility and Lab project. Option A is to prepare either an IS/ND or MND to analyze the potential environmental effects associated with the proposed project. The IS/ND or MND will be prepared using the checklist contained in Appendix G of the CEQA Guidelines and the standard City of Davis format. Option B is to prepare an extensive Initial Study checklist consistent with Appendix G of the CEQA Guidelines to support a Categorical Exemption (CE). The possibility exists that the project could qualify as being exempt from CEQA (e.g., Class 1 Exempting Existing Facilities). For either option, Raney anticipates that the key issue areas, which may require a more in-depth discussion in the Initial Study, will include but not be limited to air quality & greenhouse gases and hazards & hazardous materials.

Whispering Pines AQ/GHG Analysis – Natural Passages, LLC. 

The Whispering Pines project site consisted of 120 acres and is currently undeveloped with numerous trees and a semi-developed trail system throughout the site. The applicant proposed to operate a conservation cemetery, a green burial site managed as a forest restoration and conservation property. The project included the development of new trails, a parking lot, gate house, gazebo, and a maintenance shed. Raney coordinated with the El Dorado County Air Pollution Control District (EDCAPCD) throughout the development of the Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas technical study to ensure consistency with EDCAPCD regulations. Raney has since completed the study for Natural Passage to use in an application for a special use permit.

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